Scott Bates has led teams, transformed organizations and delivered results at the state, national and international levels of government and policy development across the globe for over twenty-five years.


Election Security

Scott Bates is a leader at the state and national level on election security. Bates was part of the first meetings between the Department of Homeland Security and state election officials which led to the creation of the Election Infrastructure-Governing Coordinating Council. In Connecticut, Bates organized and led the work of the Connecticut Election Cybersecurity Task Force. In the 2020 elections, he used the Task Force recommendations to develop and implement a plan that secured networks and trained personnel to protect Connecticut’s election infrastructure from cyber threats.

Green Energy

As Founding Chairman of the Connecticut Port Authority, Scott Bates secured a partnership with the largest offshore wind power company in the world to transform Connecticut’s State Pier into a hub for the wind power industry. Soon after completing his term as Chairman of the CT Port Authority, the Office of Connecticut’s Governor Ned Lamont issued a statement saying that in addition to being “the driving force behind recruiting the offshore wind industry to Connecticut, Bates led the negotiation of a 20 year port operations contract that attracted substantial private investment in State Pier.”